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Skin Care Coaching

 (Non-Medical Assistance) 

What is a  Skin Care Coach?   A license esthetician who helps you achieve your personal skincare goals.  Your coach is licensed to perform corrective facials, rejuvenating treatments, chemical peels and other aesthetic services.

Lois your skin care coach

  • Your coach will "listen to you" and assist you in finding solutions to your skin care concerns.  Educate you in the best corrective methods and direction you should take to solve your problems.
  • A skin care coach will make product and facial services recommentions.  How to choose the best facial products for your skin, personalize your home care routine and instruct you on their usages.
  • If the need arises to seek outside dermatology specialists, your coach will help you do your reseach.

Lois, Your Skin Care Coach  - A license Esthetician

With over 20 years experience, you can be confident you'll receive professional skin care coaching. 

In-house skin care products purchases are not necessary to receive the consultations services offered. 

 Schedule your appointment today  803 747-2255

Skin Care Coaching Services

  • Create a strategy for skin care goals
  • Advice on achieving set goals
  • Recommendations of topical products
  • Recommendations for professional aesthetic and medical treatments.
  • On-going skin care product assistance, training and education

Basic Skin Care Coaching 

1.   Skin Care Product and Skin Care History Assessment

  • Current skin product evaluation
  • Questions & Answer Discussion

2.   Hands-On Skin Evaluation

  • Pores examined
  • Skin’s moisture level checked
  • Skin sensitivity and sun damage evaluated

3.    Follow-up Emails With Recommend Suggestions 

  • List of several skin care products with the correct ingredients for skin type and current skin condition
  • Appropriate home care routine to achieve skin care goals discussed during consultation.

1 hour session                    $50 

75 minutes                           $60.

In-House Product Purchases or facial treatment voids consultation fee

Other Personal Esthetic Workshops

  • Research & Suggest 3 outside professional skin care products for skin type and current condition
  • Skin care product instructional workshops
  • How to use skin care products with active ingredients (professional products) to DIY home facial
  • Instructions on proper usage of personal beauty tools with skin care products.
  • How design a healthy skin care program for your skin type & condition
  • How to make seasonal changes to your home care regime.  
  • How to do a glycolic peel at home correctly

 Schedule your appointment today  803 747-2255

  Cartoon Skin Care Consultant 

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