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About Us

Loisstores an authorized reseller of Neova SkinSmart, Skin Script and Rhonda Allison Products.  It's the online shopping store for  A Younger You Skin Care Consulting, a facial service center located in Aiken, SC.  Skin Care Coaching  services are also available.

At loisstores you can conveniently shop online for your skincare products as well as your CBD products


  • The best ant-aging products for alll skin types
  • Facial Serums to hydrate skin, anti-aging and control oil production.   
  • Moisturizers for all skin types even Rosacea sensitive types
  • Sunscreens that protects you from UVA/UVB damage and will not irritate your skin.  
  • Products to help reduce dark spots and control hyper-pigmentation
  • CBD Products for stress and pain relief.

Who is A Younger You Skin Care Consulting?

AYU is a personal skin care service center where customized facial treatments are offered, owned and operated by Lois Herbert

My story

I’m a 70 years “young” Esthetician.  Some years back I made a long-term plan for my life.  I decided to live pass 100, healthy and cute.  Cute because I’m a self proclaim diva. 

I left the computer industry in 1994 to become a licensed Esthetican.

It’s said, you never work a day in your life, if you do something you love.  I love skin care and I’m a geek about it.  I find the “science of aesthetic” fascinating.   I discovered you can slow down and reduce the physical effects of the aging process. 

I’ve been told my skin is not aging as fast as my peers.   But for me, it’s still too fast.  For some reason,  the woman in the mirror reflecting back at me surprises me sometimes.   She’s not the diva in my head and heart.

I have an additional goal. Skin Care Coaching

Help others with their skin care needs.   I want you, my younger sisters, to age in a healthy way.  There’s an extraordinary lot research about healthy aging.  I enjoy reading and learning about the new ingredients and techniques involved.  I find it fascinating. 

I get so excited about the information, I want to tell everyone about everything I read.  But, after a short time, when I see their eyes glaze over I know I’ve talked too much.  Can you say boring. 

I was a follower of Helen Gurley Brown (look her up young people), she taught us through her magazine articles; how to take care of ourselves.  Hence, I blog about skin care.  I enjoy sharing my information, please check out the skin care tips on my website.

How old do you want to live?   Does the woman you see in the mirror reflect what’s in your mind? 

Give me a call or make an appointment,  I would love to help you with your skin care routine. 

Bye, Lois


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